An Unfortunate Brand

Branding Help

Unfortunate is truly an understatement. It’s one thing to believe or be fooled by a lie in the marketplace and quite another to use a brand to lie to humanity.

Last night I watched an old episode of the 1960’s Twilight Zone with Rod Serling. It was called He’s Alive . Briefly it was about a young idealistic man who, partially due to a corrupted childhood, sought fame and power by adopting Nazi-like principles with the intention of resurrecting a Hitler style fascism.

If somehow you missed that era or never researched it all then suffice it to say that it was an evil time that resulted in millions of deaths, deportation and destruction.

What fascinated me as I watched this was seeing and recalling the images of thousands who bowed to the evils of this era and saluted flags, symbols (logos) that represented a diseased political power.

It comes as a huge reminder that Branding applies to almost every facet of life; even politics, religion, philosophy,etc.

It’s also a reminder that Branding has a huge message impact and the importance of delivering that message to your audience needs to be clear.

In the 1963 TV episode the infamous swastika was replaced with a designers version of a fist, torch and New York skyline. Not even 20 years after the second World War and the swastika used by the Nazi party was still a hot potato in the public viewing minds of western democracies.

To avoid turning this post into a shameless plea for  business let me make it clear that art and images convey powerful messages in the minds of it’s viewers.

We all must be vigilant with whatever logos or designs we put into the marketplace and share on our business cards. We must be cautious about sending the wrong message to our customers, neighbors and clients.

A basic knowledge of the history of a culture and even it’s present day must inform the context of a brand. The last thing you want ( I hope) is for someone to see your brand, product/service aligned with the ideals of extremist groups.

Here is another reason to avoid the risk of using online 5 dollar logos. You do get what you pay for to some extent. 

Yes it often true that ” No PR is bad PR” but it is just as true that a bad message can in fact ruin your business and more importantly- cause the abandon of a good conscience.



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